Guide to Farming tons of Gold in ESO

How to easily farm lots of Gold in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO)

ESO Gold Treasure

ESO Universe recommends more than one eso gold guide and each is great depending on your style of play. Are you a crafter and able to create items to sell? Or would you rater be following the story line and completing every quest and leveling naturally? There are many ways to farm gold in ESO regardless if you’re lower leveling or veteran rank.

For example, you can farm mudcrabs on v5 starter Island as well as all the loot-able items there. You can easily make 8 or 9k in less than 30 minutes and find other items at the same time. Another way is by doing daily quests for a campaign ruled by your faction. 3000-3200 gold for each of about 4 or 5 quest hubs. If you’re VR10 you can get these done pretty quickly. In Cyrodiil you will find many repeatable quests in a lot of the towns that give 300 gold a piece. So if you want to sit and grind for a bit, they are easy to do and add up fast.

Argentum, Copper, Primal and Barbaric Motif – Copper is used to make barbaric items and Argentum is for making Primal items and each are worth 20-30K.

Level normally in Elder Scrolls Online by doing all quests and looting all items you can find! If you happen to be an enchanter, you can level up and sell your glyphs for quite a haul of gold! Green fire resist cost about 200G to make and it sells for 1,200 to 1,5000 gold – easily.

Some of the eso universe gold making videos were pretty helpful depending on which alliance you belong to, and they are updated every once in a while. The actual elder scrolls guides they recommend, such as the builds and crafting guides are definitely the best you can find. And the leveling guide they promote for eso includes questing, level  professions, gear, skills, guildseverything!

Happy Gold Farming and leveling!