ESO Build Guide – The Best Elder Scrolls Online Builds

Elder Scrolls Online Class Build Guides – Top Performing Builds!

ESO Class Builds

Creating ESO class builds is not fast or easy. Each class in Elder Scrolls Online is unique with it’s own set of skills. First decide if you want your main to be a Sorcerer, Templar, Nightblade or a Dragon knight.  Choose your desired class, then select a race with racial skills that compliment your class. Top Healer builds for Templar and Sorcerer are plentiful with a huge range of potential builds.

There are literally millions of different build combination possibilities. Builds for tanking, mage builds, healing and DPS builds. Visit eso universe For eso build guides, videos and some pre made builds. The Elder Scrolls Online build guides listed are the best I’ve found on the topic!

The Traditional Sorcerer/2H/Medium Armor
A Quick Guide to Templar Skills and Morphs
Character Build: Warden of the Sun (Templar/Bow, DPS)
Caster Nightblade – “The Warlock” – DPS/Debuff/Heals
Stacking Debuffs – some builds.
Best race for AvA healing Templar
Lots of Dragon Knight builds , pve/pvp setups
ESO NightBlade Tanking and Healing Builds
Viable Veteran Rank DK TANK build
Heavy S+B build and dest staff – templar
The Restoration Staff for DPS!
Gear answers for the Nightblade.
Nightblade build for critiquing
How viable is an archer build?
NightBlade PVP videos –  BOW /DW BOW / 2 H
DK Tank/DPS Build for PVE and PvP
Trapper build that is viable in pvp AND pve
Nightblade Bow/DW solo and small scale PVP build
Dragonknight Video Veteran Rank PvE DK Guide

2-Handed Sorcerer DPS Build
Moving around in Cyrodil – PvP
Healer Build – Healing with a staff… A guide to basics and advanced for Resto staff healing
Vampire Builds -Nightblade

eso Templar Heavy Healing build guide