What is the best Elder Scrolls Online Guide Source?

 There are only a few premium ESO guides to choose from!


Of course, you can always find a basic ESO guide on any particular topic to help you with your current situation, like where to find raw materials for crafting your weapons or how to level up fast in your faction. There are some good tips and tricks on the official elder scrolls online site under basic game guides and within the forums. I have found some good advice and tips on the forums but they seem to get outdated rather quickly.

There are some fantastic builds posted and explained on the ESO builds reddit page. Here you will find some great DPS, tank and healing builds for nightblade, templar, dragonknight and sorcerer matched with the best races for the class and build. You’ve probably been through those builds and already found the ones that are still viable. Not only do these builds get outdated, the bigger issue is that so many other players are using the same builds.

ESO Head offers a building calculator – This one is a little more ‘on your own’ building from scratch. This is okay if you’re very knowledgeable about the skills and abilities of the races and classes. There are no suggestions or guidance, you have to do it all yourself. If you’re not exactly sure how to build the character you want, this tool probably won’t be good for you.

ESO Leveling, crafting & Build and gold making guides

Eso universe has some good information and guides for crafting, leveling and builds for Elder Scrolls Online. There are a few places to find raw materials, crafting station locations, skyshard location guides, gold farming and much more. You’ll find it listed on their pages and articles, in videos and links to only the best guides for eso. You’ll also find write-in testimonials from their users who have used the builds and guides for eso they recommend. They only promote a couple of the premium guides on elder scrolls online and it seems only the higher quality ones.

Check the websites above for the best guides on the elder scrolls online. I’ve used all of them and each had helped in different ways. Eso universe recommends only the best updated guides for eso.


Guide to Farming tons of Gold in ESO

How to easily farm lots of Gold in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO)

ESO Gold Treasure

ESO Universe recommends more than one eso gold guide and each is great depending on your style of play. Are you a crafter and able to create items to sell? Or would you rater be following the story line and completing every quest and leveling naturally? There are many ways to farm gold in ESO regardless if you’re lower leveling or veteran rank.

For example, you can farm mudcrabs on v5 starter Island as well as all the loot-able items there. You can easily make 8 or 9k in less than 30 minutes and find other items at the same time. Another way is by doing daily quests for a campaign ruled by your faction. 3000-3200 gold for each of about 4 or 5 quest hubs. If you’re VR10 you can get these done pretty quickly. In Cyrodiil you will find many repeatable quests in a lot of the towns that give 300 gold a piece. So if you want to sit and grind for a bit, they are easy to do and add up fast.

Argentum, Copper, Primal and Barbaric Motif – Copper is used to make barbaric items and Argentum is for making Primal items and each are worth 20-30K.

Level normally in Elder Scrolls Online by doing all quests and looting all items you can find! If you happen to be an enchanter, you can level up and sell your glyphs for quite a haul of gold! Green fire resist cost about 200G to make and it sells for 1,200 to 1,5000 gold – easily.

Some of the eso universe gold making videos were pretty helpful depending on which alliance you belong to, and they are updated every once in a while. The actual elder scrolls guides they recommend, such as the builds and crafting guides are definitely the best you can find. And the leveling guide they promote for eso includes questing, level  professions, gear, skills, guildseverything!

Happy Gold Farming and leveling!


ESO Build Guide – The Best Elder Scrolls Online Builds

Elder Scrolls Online Class Build Guides – Top Performing Builds!

ESO Class Builds

Creating ESO class builds is not fast or easy. Each class in Elder Scrolls Online is unique with it’s own set of skills. First decide if you want your main to be a Sorcerer, Templar, Nightblade or a Dragon knight.  Choose your desired class, then select a race with racial skills that compliment your class. Top Healer builds for Templar and Sorcerer are plentiful with a huge range of potential builds.

There are literally millions of different build combination possibilities. Builds for tanking, mage builds, healing and DPS builds. Visit eso universe For eso build guides, videos and some pre made builds. The Elder Scrolls Online build guides listed are the best I’ve found on the topic!

The Traditional Sorcerer/2H/Medium Armor
A Quick Guide to Templar Skills and Morphs
Character Build: Warden of the Sun (Templar/Bow, DPS)
Caster Nightblade – “The Warlock” – DPS/Debuff/Heals
Stacking Debuffs – some builds.
Best race for AvA healing Templar
Lots of Dragon Knight builds , pve/pvp setups
ESO NightBlade Tanking and Healing Builds
Viable Veteran Rank DK TANK build
Heavy S+B build and dest staff – templar
The Restoration Staff for DPS!
Gear answers for the Nightblade.
Nightblade build for critiquing
How viable is an archer build?
NightBlade PVP videos –  BOW /DW BOW / 2 H
DK Tank/DPS Build for PVE and PvP
Trapper build that is viable in pvp AND pve
Nightblade Bow/DW solo and small scale PVP build
Dragonknight Video Veteran Rank PvE DK Guide

2-Handed Sorcerer DPS Build
Moving around in Cyrodil – PvP
Healer Build – Healing with a staff… A guide to basics and advanced for Resto staff healing
Vampire Builds -Nightblade

eso Templar Heavy Healing build guide